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eco-friendly care


Hotel President is very careful about environmental and eco-friendly issues. We believe in a made of smart choices policy directed towards the respect and the protection of our Earth, realizing big and small devices about energy supply, avoid waste, service provider choice, support of forms of tourism.

our green choice

A "green" choice to guarantee our guests a quality service with the best respect of our territory. Here is what we think and do about this important issue:

Carbonic dioxide emissions
Special care about reduction of carbonic dioxide emissions in the atmosphere: Hotel President roof is white for a reason. White is a colour that considerably limits heat absorption compared to a traditional dark roof, so that a lower use of air conditioning is needed;

Renewable energy
Attention towards sustainable energy, for this we have choosen an electricity supplier certificated TUV, only from sustainable souces

Sustainable technology
Special care about sustainable technology: this is why we have a whole electric kitchen with new induction plates, then we have a brand new refill system for electric cars and two electric bycicles besides forty traditional bycicles

Food waste
Special care for food waste: we ask our guests during breakfast about what are their choises for the dinner and further more we refill the minibar only if requested

Sustainability of the territory
Special care about the sustainability of the territory: we do prefer local suppliers whom use enviromentally-friendly methods of farming and production

Water waste and soap smart use
Special care about water waste and soap use: we let our guests choose when they do prefer towels change

Electric Bikes and E Cars
Two electric bikes at disposal at the lobby, electric cars recharge for any car’s brand supported by the Repower ABB bollard and two jacks for the Tesla Brand E car.

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